You are so Beautiful

You are so beautiful Black child

you are talented and gifted

You are wonderfully made by God himself

Hold your head up

Pull your pants up and cover up your thighs

know that you are loved

know that you are appreciated

Don’t give the enemy any place to worsen your dilemma

Don’t let anyone lower your low self esteem or cause you to doubt

You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made

This could be your year to decree it and speak it

This could be the year of new beginnings

So get the move on Black child

God is faithful to perform all that He has promised to you

If you follow his lead you are his chosen

Chosen to be kings, queens, leaders, and priests

Be confident in Him and His word.

You Black child have power

The words you speak from your mouth determine your outcome

Why not speak good and positive things over your life

You are not defeated but rather

you are more than a conqueror

You may have been through a lot in your short life

But when I look at you I see a dimmed light

You are just as beautiful and as strong as ever

They told you you can be what you want to be in times past

You can

Oh how blessed you are

Look what God has done and look where He has brought you from

They stole your mothers and fathers from familiar shores

They didn’t want you to learn how to read

They lynched you and tried to keep your mind enslaved

For some time you played into their hands

You have killed each other so they didn’t have to

But today is a new day

You are beautiful Black Child

You can be what you want to be

Be good

Be positive

Be inspired

Be encouraged

Be uplifted

Be the best

It’s easy

Begin to bless God and praise Him for all that He has done

and for making you so beautiful

and for making you so talented

and for making you so intelligent

and for making you so strong

and for making you just who you are

and for making you the apple of his eye

He had you in his precious hands all the time

Your life is orchestrated by Him.

All you have to do is turn

He knows you and what is best for you

Believe that He has even greater things in store for you

And your children

and your children’s children

Hey Black child

get over the silly stuff

the bad stuff

the stuff that you know is not right

and grab hold of faith

Seek God as never before

Sure, times are hard

Sure, life is rough

Sure, there are difficult challenges you must face

Sure, there are people who try to hold you back

but God is good

Learn to love who He has made you

There is no one like you

You are unique

You are special

There are many things and people

present in the world that will work

to break you down.

The worst thing you can do is help them.

Within these words,

within these pages,

my only hope is

that you find something

to help you define yourself.

My hope is that within

this union of contemporary psalmed passages,

you discover the courage

to be the beautiful individual

you were intended to be.

Enjoy God and enjoy life Black child

There could be good things in store

If you would simply make the right choices

Choose to live right

Choose to go to school

Choose to respect yourself

Choose to respect your elders

Choose to know who you are

Choose to build a nation for your children

Choose to be what you want to be

Mountains will move if you just try

This was written especially for you Black child

With your beautiful selves

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