Our Mission

Bible Christians Fellowship of the Spirit exists to teach, to reach, and to follow.

We believe that acquiring the knowledge and understanding of the entire bible is a critical component in living a full content life. Bible Christians Fellowship of the Spirit is here to teach all wishing to learn the importance of the Word of God and what it means to be a follower of Christ. We seek to take people beyond that first step of the knowledge of scriptures to understanding and living in truth.
We are here to reach out to the communities of the world as servants and followers of Christ. We desire to help the poor, widowed, orphaned and abused as best we are able. Our vision is to unite and promote family values as well as address the things of this world that so heavily burden all those seeking to live peacefully and fully as the body of Christ.
We follow the teachings and traditions of Christ, not conforming to the customs of manmade vanities. As we follow Christ we also lead by example bringing others to worship and praise the Father and the Son fully recognizing the coming of the kingdom of Our Lord and His Christ.

We provide outreach in various forms:

  • Education

  • Arts & Culture

  • Missionary Work

  • Community Outreach